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(Professional Bet Copying Service)

4lowin2 - Layout Setting Tutorial

Let the software placing your bets automatically in accordance to your Professional Soccer Gambler’s betting methods, and their wins! (Knowing that they are statistically guaranteed to be the best bets of the period)

• This service will save you time by letting your computer to do the work finding the bets.

• You won't miss out on the many guaranteed winning bets available


4lowin2 is currently the only software in the market that allows you to follow many different betting strategies using many accounts in different betting ratio/proportion at the same time.

Typical Example 1: 

Typical Example 2: 

If you are IBC/SBO/SB188 Agent, and you have members which are very lucky & good in betting that you may wish to follow its strategy, our 4lowin2 software can help you place the bet automatically into your own accounts in accordance to your customer's bet.

On the other hand, If your member are very bad in betting that you wish you can bet its otherwise (opposite bet), our software can help you to do so by placing opposite bet automatically and let you make money out of these ‘not-so- good-luck ‘members.

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